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Frequently Asked Questions

What is XABop?

The XABop program is for kids in elementary school and encourages physical, emotional, and social development. Fun games are taught to ensure the children are learning while they are having a blast! This program uses age appropriate music and routines as well as team building activities and games to foster learning, leadership and a love for wellness. XABop is making movement fun by encouraging creativity and self expression. It is a wonderful way to teach kids about wellness, keep them moving and limit their screen time.

How long are XABop sessions?

A XABop session includes six classes. Each class is 45 minutes long.

When is XABop offered?

Check our our calendar for sessions near you or you can email [email protected] for more information.

Do I stay with my child during the session?

No, we do not encourage parents to stay for the classes.

What is the cost to attend a XABop six week session?

Typically, $45.00 for the six sessions. Prices can vary from location to location.