Making Movement Fun!

The XABop program is for kids in elementary school and encourages physical, emotional and social development. Fun games are taught to ensure the children are learning while having a blast!  This program uses age appropriate music and routines as well as team building activities to foster learning and a love for wellness. XABop is making movement fun by encouraging creativity and self expression.
A typical XABop session lasts 45 minutes for six classes. It can be once a week for six weeks or even two or three times a week for two or three weeks. XABop can be done in schools, after school programs, churches, through park districts— anywhere there are kids. It is a wonderful way to teach kids about wellness, keep them moving and limit their screen time.

“I never knew teaching this program could be so much fun and so rewarding! I love every minute with these kids. Watching their faces as they learn, play and dance is priceless.”

Ansley CameronXABop Instructor

XABop has been wonderful for my children. It has improved my child’s motor skills and social interactions with their peers. I love that they are getting the opportunity to be active and exercise while playing games and meeting new friends.

Ebony Sampson